About Mighty Minds Therapies

We specialise in the development of therapeutic, educational and career related tools, techniques, games and resources that will add a little fun to any professional practice.

Our Mighty Minds kits create a platform from where individuals, in collaboration with their therapist can learn more about their own strengths, skills, and talents to grow and develop positive coping strategies for anxiety, depression, self-esteem and their career.

Each kit contains the tools, instructions and an intervention necessary to turn fragile friends into Mighty Minds, is easy to transport and is packed with re-usable items.

Meet The Team
Mighty Minds team member and  Educational Psychologist, Lauren Claassen.

Lauren Claassen

Educational Psychologist
HPCSA PS0120367

Mighty Minds team member and Marketing Managert, Candice Claassen.

Candice Claassen

Marketing Manager


“Might Minds Therapies was born out of personal place of empowerment and a belief that I am able to make a tangible difference to the lives of the individuals with whom I have the privilege of journeying with. In my own professional practice as an educational psychologist I strive to empower individuals on a holistic level that will allow them to optimize their functioning within aspects of learning and development.

I consider myself a passionate individual with a willingness to go beyond the call of duty, the mundane and the expected. I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a creative, “out – of the box” approach to therapeutic interventions and the utilization thereof. I strive to breathe fun, joy and enlightenment into therapy rooms across Africa!  I would like to invite you to join Mighty Minds Therapies in the spirit of enriching your personal and professional development, in the spirit of guidance and enrichment and in the spirit of healing others.”  
- Lauren Claassen